Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Raised from the Dead?

Today as the girls were swimming I noticed a dead wasp in the pool...normally I would scoop it out and throw it over into the grass area, however, the girls have started collecting dead insects for their insect collection. So I dumped the water and the wasp on the arm of the deck chair, so that it could dry out then we could put it in our tin box with the other insects...about 5 min later I notice the wasp was no longer on it's back but turned over, as I looked closer I saw it's antenna moving...the thing was alive! It took about an hour for it to finally fly away, what a surprise we would have had if we had saved it; opening our tin box looking for a dead wasp only to have it fly out on us!

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  1. Hey Penny! Welcome to the exercise challenge. :-) Having everyone in on this has been a blessing and it's great to have another voice in the mix!

    My parents live in TN!

    That's very interesting about your wasp. I'm going to keep my eyes open for bugs in our pool from now on and see if we can recreate your find! :-)