Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yah's Creation is Amazing!

Our Mantis 'Mannie' is very curious...he loves to sit on our hands and look about, he will turn his head left and right, he will cock it to one side, and he will sway his body to look around you. He is so comfortable with us holding him he will clean himself, he'll lift his front arm and begin grooming his face, something like a cat would do, it's quite amazing. When I read up on the 'European Mantis', which I thought he was since he looked just like them, the article said that European Mantis are 'docile', OK this is NOT mannie he is very active, curious, and really enjoys us. He is so cute he will see us pearing in at him in his plastic container and begin reaching for us, I kid you not he reaches his front arms out and starts to scratch at the container like a puppy's too cute!

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