Sunday, October 26, 2008

Living Simply Sunday #2

Living Simply Sundays

Well, I missed last week's 'living simply Sundays' post, so I've had two weeks to consider what it is that is cluttering, or preventing me from getting to my destination...
My destination: to be an example to my daughter what a Virtuous woman is...and to my shame I fall very short.
Now for the 'clutter' of the matter, I am too impatient with my girls, I am too critical...I need to become patient with them...I let to many things bother me and wear me out and I have such a critical spirit!
My Elohim is so very good to me...He knew what I was pondering and led me to a site that had great advice on the 'how to's' of casting this ol' clutter called impatience/critical spirit.
The site is called 'Raising Godly Tomatoes' she has written a book that can be purchased or can be freely read on line, Thank You Elizabeth Kueger!
This is the page The Parent's Part — Fixing Ourselves First that became an answer to my prayers. So I'll be reading and rereading, taking notes, pondering, and finding scripture to meditate on to overcome and be victorious over this 'clutter' that is preventing me from becoming the virtuous woman before my daughter, and to break the curse that I have learned from my mother and that my girls have learned from me (as I have seen too many times).
And to come to a godly repentance, a turning away from this SIN, yes it is sin
because it bears only vain rotten fruit.
So I'm encouraged to go on and walk
in the victory that Yahshua died for...
Thank You my Master, Saviour and King, Yahshua the Messiah.
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