Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday #2

Tackle it Tuesdays
Oct 28, 2008

I know that many will be using 'Tackle it Tuesdays" as cleaning, or home repair, or even renovations to their home, however, I'll be using it to tackle my never ending sewing projects that never seem to get finished. I'll be working on a chosen project for about 30 min daily until it is finished. Once finished I'll choose another project and so on. For today I have made an "Incomplete Projects List" and have already started filling it up with incomplete projects.

This is the chosen project to finish...my daughter's 'Fall' dress that I started last year...oy, I thought hand beading on the bodice would be so lovely...what was I thinking? It was very time consuming...so needless to say I didn't finish it. I decided on this because I don't believe she'll be able to wear it next year, so this one take priority. I believe I can finish it within 10 days, there is just a few more rows to complete...so here I go with the first 1/2 hour...

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