Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our Hanukkah Lapbook

Our Hanukkah Lapbook We have a few more days before Hanukkah is here so I thought
it would be fun to make a lapbook on the Celebration of Hanukkah.
here are the topics of our minit books?

~Alexander the Great...Who says?

~Hellenism...What is it and what does it mean?
~Antiochus Epiphanes...Antiochus the Madman!
~Who are the Maccabees
~8 stick Menorah why not?
~Why 7 sticks?
~Bowl of Latkes
~Dreidel: what is it and what is the meaning of it?
~My Favorite Hanukkah Recipes
~How many ways can you spell 'Chanukkah?
~Oil burning for 8 days Fact or Fable?

~What is the REAL MIRACLE of Hanukkah?

I decided to create our own lapbook because the little extra money we
have I want to spend on goodies for our Hanukkah games.
We have cut out our minit books and are
starting to fill them in with information. We are
using this study guide (I purchased for the mere price of $3.50)
with the lapbook. My youngest daughter said she
didn't realize that Hanukka wasn't about the presents,
she said every year all she could think about was the gifts...
wow, and all that time I thought they were getting it??
Anyway, they are getting an understanding this year of the
true meaning of Hanukka, as a matter of fact my eyes
are opening to the fact that we really do live in a Hellenistic
society...and that there are too many ways that I have
that are I believe this Hanukkah will be
a turning point for my whole family Praise be to Yah
for his mercy and grace!

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