Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Passover Lapbook

Our Pesach Lapbook

This is the first Page with the book opened:

Lighting the candles~ a pop-out book with the prayer to be recited

Calendar~ Yahweh's and the Roman/Greek calendar

Matzah cover with matza inside~ here you see the three matzah the middle one is broken in half with info in the center between the two pieces.

Four Cups of Promise~ the book is an accordion opens to reveal the four 'I will' promises

Sedar Plate and the four questions
Under each picture is the name of the food and what it symbolizes.

The four questions is a tab book listing the four questions the children ask during the sedar.

Washing of feet and the Pesach Story
Here are the story cards on the back they have scripture references and a short summary of the picture.
A Recipe book to keep their favorite recipes in.
A Music book for 'Dayenu'
This is a small Haggadah, perfect for their lapbook

This is the Haggadah opened, we used this particular Haggadah for several years. It was perfect for younger children.

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  1. I love your lapbooks! They are really neat. Maybe I'll have my kids do one on Easter next year!