Monday, June 8, 2009

Prepare and Pray Curriculum

We are beginning our new unit study 'Prepare & Pray'
using Swiss Family Robinson as the ROL.
Each week we are to find two wild plants that are
edible. Our first plant we identified was
the Queen Ann Lace. There is another look like that
is deadly poisoness. To ID the QAL look for the
prickly hair on the stem and rub the
leaves between your fingers crushing them, then
smell, if it's a QAL the leaves will smell like a carrot.
Yep, our flower was a QAL, smelled like a carrot
and had prickly hair on it's stem
We brought them home, washed them and laid them out to dry

next we made a thin pancake batter, heated up some oil,
and fried the flowers...

making sure all the batter covers the flower top...

frying the flower...

pretty isn't it...

the flower top is covered with fried pancake batter, kind of like
a funnel cake...

sprinkle a little powdered sugar on top...they weren't bad
tasted like a funnel cake....


  1. You are brave! I ate a dandelion once when i was younger. I don't think i could do it again unless i was STARVING.

  2. Well, if it was for my girls I don't think I would have done it

    My dd AbbyYah tried a dandelion...she said it was bitter and didn't like it. We read how dandelion's are sweet?? Then we went back to read again, you must twist off the green part from the yellow peddles...ohhh, that's why it was bitter, so we tried again, well, sweet we can not say, we can say it wasn't bitter. They are suppose to be healthy for you.

    Thanks for posting a comment :-D

  3. Well i didn't really like the dandelion either, but i figure if i get lost in the wilderness (i have a big imagination) at least i know what i can live on (that logic lead me to try rabbit, duck, and venison).

  4. Ohhh, it looks pretty and rather appetizing as well.

  5. What a wonderful post! Loved seeing this. :-)