Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paul Nison, Torah & Raw Food

Thanks to Lina @ A set apart life blog I learned about Paul Nison who is a Raw Food advocate but what's so wonderful about this is he bases his teaching on Torah AND he's a follower of Yahshua to boot!! I've been watching his video's and ordered one of his book. I got this BRAND NEW book for FIVE BUCKS yes, you read it right $5.00!! The book was actually a little over six bucks plus shipping and handling. I had an amazon coupon for five what a blessing!!

I haven't read it yet just paged through, I'm so looking forward to having a quiet time so I can devoure it! I have already tried one of his recipes. I didn't get it out of the book though it is in there, I actually got it off of one of his video's here is the recipe:

1/2 cucumber
couple handfuls of spanich leaves
1 celery stick (stock)
1 garlic clove
1 tomatoe
1 avocado
squeeze 1/2 of lemon juice
things I added:
3 tblsp of ground up flax seed
1 tsp of virgin olive oil
blend all together less the avocado peel & seed
I had to add just a bit of water because it was really thick, but OH MY GOODNESS!!
This was the best stuff I have ever tasted!! I've been juicing now for about a month and NOTHING, I mean NOTHING compaires to this!! If you try nothing else RAW you have to try this. I'm gonna make his Spanish rice out of a head of califlower...I know it's gonna be GOOD!
If you want to watch some of Paul's video here is his website. You can also go to youtube and
search Paul Nison and come up with Lots of his video. I think the one with this recipe on it
was called Simple Recipes. Anyway here is a BIG HUG for my little Sister Lina
for sharing such a wonderful resource.


  1. A big hug to you too YahKheena! Paul Nison is truly a blessing. I knew about him when I was a raw foodist, but I had no idea he was Torah Observant. When I found out, I was so excited!

  2. Shalom,
    Thank you for posting the info. Are you on face book? Send me an email. I'd love to say hello. From the quick look your blog looks nice. Check out my wife's blog and I'll have a new Torah site soon.
    Toda Rabah

  3. We have had the opportunity to Paul a few times and he is wonderful. He has a heart for youth and teaching on modesty as well. Just an all around great guy and and encouragement for all!
    Also, I juice each day both breakfast and lunch. I have yet to try this so thanks for posting this recipe!

  4. :) I will have to check this out, I am thankful you have posted this....Blessings! Please let me know how the book is!