Monday, August 9, 2010

A Key of Freedom

I just finished reading a wonderful post that I feel would release many of my sister's in Messiah from the bondage of guilt and shame.

Many women would like to homeschool their children but because their husbands disagree they end up sending their precious children to public school, then carry guilt or shame about this.

And there are many sisters who are convicted to cover and yet their husband or father's don't agree and again often they bear shame or guilt for not being able to walk in this.

And let us not forget about the sisters who desires to stay home and raise her blessings, but because of finances or a spouse who desires other wise, she must leave her family and go out in the work force.

Dear sisters, if you find yourself carrying guilt or shame because of one of these three situation I just mention please visit Beit Simcha to read about how the Heavenly Father has seen your heart of love and given you a way out of your prison of guilt or shame.

And if you're a sister that is suffering from guilt or shame because your unable to walk in a conviction that I didn't list, you also should visit Beit Simcha, for perhaps the Father has provided a way out for you too!


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  1. thank you for linking to my blog post. I just LOVE < LOVE < LOVE how the Father used you to bring out a very important aspect of vows - maybe the most important aspect of all - that we as women need not suffer shame or guilt when we are unable to complete the vows we make to Yah. Your post is so beautiful to me and I am sure it a healing balm to many women! bless you for hearing from the Father and writing to us all!