Saturday, October 30, 2010

TOBY week 15

Ok, so I haven't been very diligent with this commitment... start over...
lol, on our 15th week of school, we took two weeks off for Sukkot.

We were going to follow the Parsha but then
came across The Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History
and went with it.
This week the girls covered The Flood, The Rainbow and Yah's Covenant,
The Tower of Babel,
and finishing this week up with
Abram called to leave his home, winds up in Egypt

We are starting up with our Tea Time Thursdays again,
it's been a couple of years since we last
had a tea time, so on Thurs we
had one.  We are starting a new
curr called Bright Light
and we read and discussed Lesson One
Be Strong for Yahweh in Your Youth, both
girls made a commitment to walk in Torah
and gave their lives to Yahweh a few weeks ago,
so this study just reinforced what they had already done.

World History:
The time period they are reading about now is the desert wondering of Israel,
however this weeks reading is covering the
happenings in Egypt while the children of Yisrael
are in the wilderness.  They learned of
Sesorstris or sometimes called Rameses the Great, this is
the time when Egypt and Assyria were
the great nations of the world.

Our Hebrew is progressing rather slowly... still they are learning new words...
the challenge is retaining the words...

Music Lessons:
If you kept up with our curr, you'ld remember we
were learning the Recorder, however, our first choice was
the Guitar.  At the time we didn't have a nice one, so
we went with the recorder.  Now that we have
a nice Guitar the girls (mom and dad too) are learning
the Guitar.  The girls already know several cords and
songs but I'm still having them go through the Lessons.
They are on less 3 & 4.

Hebraic Dance:
The girls have learned several steps:
  1. Miyim or the Grapevine
  2. Terkasia
  3. Yemanite
  4. Hopping Box
  5. Coupe
With these five steps many dances are choreographed.
they can dance with:
  • It Shall Come To Pass
  • Let Yah Arise
  • It is Good
  • Roni Roni
  • These are the Days of EliYah
They are also choreographing their own dances.

That's it for this week, I wish I had pics to add
but I think I paced my camera away with the camping
gear...oy... now I'm going to have to go through
everything... I hope I find it :-)


  1. What a wonderful week! I think Halea would enjoy tea time Thurs... =)
    and we love to dance... How are you liking the Grapevine study?

    Good job girls :D (and mama)

    Will you be posting about the nightgowns at TKM?

  2. I really love the Tea Time part, and your blog looks great! I see you have your tabs ;0)