Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Collars, Zippers, and Pockets

The girls sewing project for this week is to sew
a dress with a collar, zipper, and pockets

We used a Common Sense Pattern

They did very well for the first time sewing
collar, zipper, and pockets.

The collar is what posed the problem, it being so curved
both girls had a hard time sewing it... "momma, I need
help! "
I ended up sewing in one sleeve to demonstrate how it was
done and sewing the collar together but they
actually sewed the collar on the dress.

I thought the zipper would be a challenge but it
turned out to be quite easy for them.

I had them press the back the seam allowance, then
lined up the teeth of the zipper with the edge of the pressed
seam allowance.  After pinning the zipper to the fabric I
had them hand stitch the zipper in with large stitches
for easy removal.  Then the final step was to sew
the zipper in... "Momma, the zipper was so easy!"

Zippers were nightmares when I learned, I think the
extra step of hand stitching it in helps.
The hand stitching thread is removed.

here is YahChanna finished zipper

here is YahChanna's dress

This is AbbiYah's dress... not quite finished...

here is a closer shot of the collar, you can see
the zipper too.  If she finishes her school
lessons early enough she can finish this up
before Yom Re-shone (sunday)


  1. The dresses are very pretty! :-) What a wonderful way to learn essential sewing skills!


  2. They are beautiful indeed! How far along are you in Hinds Feet? I love that book. I recently got a hold of an illustrated children's version... thanks for reminding me :D

    Blessings and love to you and the girls =0)

  3. Hi Yahkeena,
    I'm back! It's been a long busy Summer and year.
    I always enjoy coming to visit your blog you have such good encouraging things to share.
    I will have to tell Leah to come here, she loves to sew.
    Your work is very professionally done which is rare!
    love, your sister,