Monday, November 29, 2010

You'll Be Missed Aunt Lola!

This is a sad post... my Aunt Lola passed on Friday.  My mom told me yesterday.  She actually slipped into a comma on Tuesday after going without oxygen for over 30 min.  They put her on life support, it was her wishes to be remove from life support if she ever would need it.  So her adult children granted her desire.  She lived just a few short hours after removing  life support.  There was test run to assure that she was in fact brain dead... the test were conclusive.

I love you Aunt Lola and you will be missed by your family.

P.S.  Aunt Lola was my favorite Aunt and I have very happy memories of her and I :-)


  1. Yahkheena,
    I am so sorry for your loose. May YHVH comfort you in this time of grief and may your memories your Aunt Lola always be sweet!

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. :( Be gentle to yourself during this time.

  3. I appreciate the kind words and prayers...

    Thank You!