Tuesday, April 5, 2011

L'Shannah Tovah!

Just a real quick note...
Happy New Year!! 
we were so blessed last year to see the new year's moon,
however this year we weren't able to.  We had a bad
T-storm yesterday and rain there after till night fall.
When we went out to look for the new moon it was
dark and over cast... so this morn I hopped on
over to  yrm's newmoon site to see if others
had perhaps witnessed the new moon, sure
enough about 17 people saw and reported it!
Again to all my friends and family
L'Shannah Tovah!!


  1. Shanah Tovah Sweet Family! (Looks like some spring cleaning has been going on 'round here! Love the look!)

    Much Love, p

  2. L'shannah Tovah!!!! I'm so excited!!! The Spring Feasts are starting soon, and I have so many plans for Passover!! My Dad is going to celebrate with me!!!! HalleluYah!!!!!

  3. I saw it yesterday too! (I found you Yah Kheena! After I deleted SR, I was unsure where to find you)


  4. Shana Tovah! The moon is always smiling at us when it reappears. Hehehe. :).