Monday, July 14, 2008

Adding to our Curriculum

Adding to our Curriculum

I've been very busy preparing for this next year's curriculum. We have added two new text to our lessons, The Mystery of History and Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day.

For the last month I've been working on a lapbook for zoology 1. We will not be learning in the order given in the book, but rather working on the insect section first, which is ch 1 & 9-14, and finishing up with ch 2-8 in the second semester. When this lapbook is finished it will be posted at Home School Share to be used freely as is with all there lapbooks and unit studies, the target date the first lapbook is the first two weeks of August. In curr. they have you collect an insect in ch 9, a living insect that is, to observe while you work through the lessons. What we really want is a praying mantis, so we began praying and asking for one, ye have not because ye ask not...well we're asking and we looking. We were too late in season to order an egg sac or a mantis, so next year the plan is to order an egg sack and watch the little mantis 'hatch' and keep a couple for ourselves and let the others free.

As far as MOH goes, we are going to keep notebooks instead of lapbooking it. In the curr. it has a timeline activity where they give samples of outlined paper dolls to color and use, however, I really didn't like them so I did a Google search and found the site Making Friends
they have just what I was looking for. We will copy the paper dolls with assorted colored card stock and dress them accordingly. What's so great about using paper dolls is my girls can retell what they learned while playing all at the same time...what an awesome idea, thank you MOH!

I'm still praying and looking for a music curriculum...this is a biggy for me since I am NOT musically inclined...ugh! I AM CLUELESS when it comes to music...we may end up paying for music lessons, but that can be expensive...I don't know, lets see what YHWH/The LORD has for us.

If anyone can relate and have found a great music curriculum please post the info and let us know...thanks in advance!

Well, it's back to the 'busy' work...have a blessed week!


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