Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well, I'm here because I would like to have a place where I can write about our journey as a Family. I have several blogs, one for Hebrew Roots, one for homeschooling, one for mom's only, and one for lapbooking, however, I want one for our family. A place where I can post about our daily journey of this expediton called life; this gift from YHWH.

My name is Penny wife to Joseph, and mom to four adult children and two elementary aged girls.

We home school our girls and are a messianic family; that is to say we follow Y'shua the Messiah/Jesus the Christ. In our seeking after YHWH/The LORD's ways we have discovered most of our way of life was not God's way...so we have made a lot of changes over the last five years.

It started with celebrating passover, choosing not to celebrate Christmas, learning the Hebrew name of God, and finally leaving our Sunday keeping Church to Home Church if you will our family.

This journey that YHWH has us on continually challenges our life choices. Often times we are required to leave our comfort zone; having to leave behind things we knew and learning to embrace things we are not familiar with...this is the our journey of the less traveled path...the ancient paths of YHWH...and the paths that Y'shua/Jesus himself walk...


Penny in TN

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