Sunday, August 10, 2008

File Folder Game Boards for our HS Lessons

I've made a couple of file folder game boards to use with Science and History lessons.

We use them for review and tests. It's great because the girls are so busy having fun they just don't realize they are this is what I call 'loving to learn'

This is our Mystery of History game board

This is our 'Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day' Game Board
On the MOH game board we have three sets of cards to use. The question cards, which is our review questions, 'Did You Know' cards which are facts and interesting tid bits of History, and finally our Bible card, which ask question about the books of the Bible, how many books are there, what book will you find a certain book in, and so on. With the Bible cards there is also little bibles that attach to a 1/2 sized file folder with Velcro squares attached to the inside, 66 of them. Each time the player picks a bible card and answers it right they earn a bible to their Bible folder the object of the game is to collect all 66 books, oh and each time one is added they have to start at Genesis and name each bible they have...yes they will learn all the books of the bible...he he he...and have fun doing it :-)

Our Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day isn't as complex, however, the girls really enjoy it. It's your basic board game with short cuts, go back, and switch with another player on some of the squares. There is only one set of cards to pick from, and you guessed it, they are review questions. After each lesson we add more to the deck. By the end of the year we should have a pretty good size deck of review cards. ;-)

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