Thursday, August 7, 2008

What does a Mustard tree look like?

Today we were ready our daily devotion; Mark 4, and came across the parable about the mustard seed. I always heard others say tree rather than plant. So today my girls wanted to know what a 'mustard tree' looked like...well I did too.
So I googled it, and to my amazement there is no such tree???
I couldn't believe it???
So I googled mustard seed plant and I came across this brothers site, he has pics of mustard plants...interesting enough the KJV refers to them as wonder Yahshua used them to compare with the kingdom of Yah...they grow enormous for an herb, and can spread out for miles...
Abigail wrote in her journal about our new discovery and printed off his pics and pasted them in the journal.
I've read several studies on this in the past and I didn't find one with the exception of this brother's site that was actually factual...humm....if I do nothing else I am determined to teach and encourage my girls to search things out, rather than simply believe what is written or spoken...'Study to show yourself approve a workman that need not be ASHAMED, rightfully dividing the word of truth...'
I know this find isn't a deep revelation, however, there are other misconception that we as Christians speak of that are not found in the Bible, one for instance is Shaul/Paul fell off his horse in Acts...actually it doesn't say he was on a horse, we just assume he was...these are things I want my girls to stay clear off...I want them to search, study, and find truth! I want them to embrace it and to love it...for then I know they are loving, embracing and searching for Yahshua...he is the TRUTH~

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