Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day of Atonement...Day of Redemption

Last night at sunset (Friday evening) began the appointed day of Yahweh, Day of Atonement.
We are not natrual born Jews, but are grafted into the olive tree by the work of Yahshua the Messiah. We have been led of the Holy Spirit to observe Biblical Feast and Festivals only. This was the first time we actually oberved this Holy day with an absolute fast. Last year we observed and really didn't know 'how' or even why we were to observe. This year was different. We read through Psalms, prayed, sang and searched our hearts for sins that needed repented of. Of course we confess and repent of our daily sins, but from what we understand in Lev 16 we were to afflict our souls, that is to say cause our 'wills' to suffer it you will, no better way than to deny the flesh some food and pleasures it is used to. This was a wonderful time together as a family. My girls both 8 & 9 years old fasted and never complained that they were hungry. They read with us and really just demonstated quiet spirits, not a lot of fussing or even chqtter. I Praise Yah, for the sacrifiece of Yahshua, for his atoning work on the cross, and for being a High Priest that is familar with my affermities and weakness. It is good to know that my sins are cover, washed in the blood, cast into the sea of forgetfulness, and I am forgive! HalleluYah!!

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