Thursday, December 4, 2008

How to read your Bible...A Challenge

I came across this site and was challenged to read my bible for one hour a day, after 2 months I should be finished with the whole bible, now if I continued to do this for a whole year I should have read my bible 6 times...this is not a study time this is just reading through, study time is a completely different subject and time frame...I started this reading challenge two months from now I'll write how I liked it and if indeed it made we see the plan of Yah as a whole. The author of the article also stated that we should read each book as a whole rather than chopping it up and reading a few chapters here than jump over to the NT and read a few chapters there...really it makes sense, I would never read a novel skipping chapters or even starting the book in the middle, no I normally start at he beginning and read it through to the end...

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