Thursday, December 11, 2008

Preparing for Chanukkah...Hanukkah...

We are preparing for


These are all the ways you can spell Hanukkah (I think)!

I found a wonderful family study guide at Torah Family called
'Are You Hebrew or Greek' it's wonderful awesome! There is a study for each night of the eight days followed by an activity. I have two young girls so I added a few games to the activity list.

These are some of the games we will be playing during Hanukkah

Old Antiochus...the Madman ~ This is a card game that is played like 'Old Maid' and the Madman Antiochus card is the card you don't want to end up with...I had to make our own cards for this. These cards can also be used for a match up game the ol 'concentration' game.

Hanukkah Bingo ~ again I had to create our own cards and it's played just like bingo

Hot Dreidel ~ everyone lines up in a circle, turn on the music, and pass the Dreidel. When the music stops whoever is holding the dreidel is out but before they leave they must give a fact about's played just like Hot Potato

Pin the shield on Judah~ again played just like Pin the tail on the donkey

Treasure Hunt ~ this game can be found on Torah Family

Scavenger hunt ~ the children have to find eight items

Dreidel bean bag toss ~ toss the bean bag on to the menorah each candle stick has points the one with the most points wins

Hanukkah History Game~ I made this with a program similar to Publisher
it's a board game about the history of Hanukkah. Heres a pic of it:

I'm also making a couple of party favors: A Dreidel gift box I don't remember where I found the pattern if I come across it again I'll post the site.

The other favor is just your basic empty toilet paper roll with small gifts wrapped up
in pretty tissue paper, stuff it through the paper roll tie of the ends with
pretty ribbon, and then well you really should do this
first, cover the roll with silk or pretty paper
decorate it with beads, pearls, ribbons, or anything
else that will make it pretty.
We have a special dinner on the first and last night
so this is when I'll lay out the party favors,
one at each plate setting.

Each night this week and the following until Hanukkah
we are ROL

Alexandra's Scroll
The story of the first Hanukkah
by Miriam Chaikin

This is a ROL we do every year, the girls love it! It's
a fictional based on true facts. The main
characters ate two young girls, my girls can really relate to them. O
ne is
keeping a record of all the events
that are taking place during the rule of Antiochus the madman. We enjoy
the book greatly.

Here are some pics of the girls make the dreildel party favors:

Well that's our plans for Hanukkah...

Hope you have a Blessed and Joyful Celebration!

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