Thursday, January 1, 2009

Meet the Cheshier Family

Joseph the first child that live out of 6 births.  His mother decided she would give him a biblical name in hopes he would live.  Yah showed her favour and he lived.

I've been married to Joseph since 1998, June 2, times were not always happy but Yah brought us together and I knew no matter what trial came our way we were meant to be together till death do we part.

I love this man Yah blessed me with!  He has a quirky sense of humor and as stable as a rock.  One thing about this man of Yah is
he is faithful!  Faithful to Yah first, his wife second, and his family third and this is as it should be.  Because Yah should always be first in our lives and I being second is because we are one.  The funny thing is we as mothers tend to put our children before us, so even though he puts me before them they actually are taken care of before myself...
Sometimes he'll give me a little 'glad money' and specifically say, "this is for YOU, understand"  I am grateful to Yah for Him!

My name is Penny meaning weaver, but I prefer to be called by YahKheena established by Yahweh.  It is my hearts desire to have Yahweh establish me in His ways, so that is why I choose to be called by YahKheena.
I sew most of our clothes, but I don't 'love' sewing, what I really enjoy is knitting.  I'm quite crafty with my hand thus the weaver was and is fulfilled in me :-D

My desire that Yah has placed in my heart is to live off the grid on our own piece of land.  To tend live stock, grow our own food and learn to live as Yahweh originally intended.
I'm learning how to play the guitar and would like to learn how to play the ukulele, but we don't have one so I dont' know if this will ever come to fruitation.  I would also like to learn how to spin my own yarn, this I think is more attainable.  And one of my greatest dreams and desires is to live in the Promised Land... I know it's not the safest place but it is what he promised us and it's where my heart is...

Meet Ashsten my first born... it was just us two before I married Joseph.  The root of her name means 'Happy' and that she is (well most of the time).  She's 23 and works two jobs so she is always on the run... hard to catch up with this one!

Our relationship has not always been good, but I can say these last few years we have grown close and have learned to give each other unmerited favour.  I really enjoy spending time with her, she's fun to be around.  And we can talk I mean really get open and honest with each other which is the bond of our relationship.
Meet AbbiYah her real name is Abigail meaning 'Father's Joy' but she likes being called AbbiYah (Yah is my Father) She is 11 and has a creative spirit.  She loves words so music and poems are precious to her.
She is learning how to play the guitar and has already wrote several songs.  She also can draw well.  She loves Yah's creation so long walks in the forest are a favorite pass time and every creature/critter Yah created has meaning and is to be treated kindly because Yah did create them (well except for obvious foes such as snakes, spiders and dangerous critters, she just stays away from them)  She loves people, cultures, and far away lands.  She enjoys studying the globe... I know I think it's kinda 'different' too, but Yah knows what he has put in her so I encourage it.  And I have even caught her reading the dictionary... That's AbbiYah
This is our youngest, Annaliese she is 10 and is also known as YahChanna, yes my two youngest follow in my foot step they want their Heavenly Father's name in their names.  She is my mover and shaker.  She has great organizational skills and is a great help to me.  She also loves me... I mean all my children love me, but this girl would give me her last of what ever it might be and usually does.  She is my chef, she loves food, no not so much to eat it but to work with it, she loves the feel and texture of food.  When it's time for me to cook she's under my feet watching asking questions and often time stirring the food and sometimes it doesn't call to be stirred, oy!  This one can get me to laughing so,  she has a good sense of humor and doesn't really know it, it just comes natural.  I posted this pic of her because she really loved her hair this way... and no I didn't let her outside looking like this, although she would have been more than willing to show this do off.

Well, this is my little family I hope you enjoyed getting to know them even if it was just a tidbit.

Shalom from our
home to yours!

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