Friday, January 2, 2009

A Christmas Poem

Well better late than never....I liked this poem just found it after christmas...
Christmas Poem

Keep Christ in Christmas the Christians rush to say
But did they always celebrate the way we do today?
England outlawed Christmas when England followed God
But now they seek the wide gate and the road that’s broad.

America was founded on religious liberty
The Pilgrims labeled Christmas, “Romish Popery”.
The Apostles knew the Saviour, yet never kept the date
They knew that Scripture warned them not to celebrate.
A lie is a lie no matter what men say
Christ was born in Bethlehem, but not on Christmas Day!
December 25th from Babylon to Rome
was the birthdate of a pagan god, Satan calls his own.

God ordained the dates and times, festival and feast
who is man to pick a date that gives honor to The Beast?
“Come out of her my people”, we’ve heard the Bible say
Be separate and Holy, God seeks those who’ll obey.
But this is our tradition our friends will laugh, what then?
The answer’s found in scripture, Fear God and don’t fear men!

~ Jill Pierucci Bolakas

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  1. I really like that poem! Hopefully, it will get people thinking...if you don't mind, I would like to post it next December. Thanks for sharing it--it's never too late for truth!