Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Red Envelopes

My girls both have pen-pals and on occation their mother will send us stories of encouragement, we received an e-mail from her the other day. She was sharing the Red Envelope Project with us and asking us to also send a Red Envelope.

Without question we printed our own envelopes

the girls cut them out,

folded them...

glued them...

addressed them with the message on

back.... and what they learned was

that even at their age, they

too have a voice that

will be silence

If you too would like to have your voice heard in silence
send a Red Envelope to Pres. here for more info on the Red Envelope Project


  1. God bless you Sister Penny! The picture at the bottom is so true. Hopefully God will change the heart of our president

  2. Yes with much prayer it is possible...for our Elohim/God hold the kings heart in his hand to turn it which ever way he pleases. Bless you too Sister Victoria!