Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And Yet More Changes

We have been very busy these last few months. I found a wonderful hs website 'An Old Fashioin Education' which offers a free curriuclum! She shares what she has found on the internet and has set up a curr for each grade level. I have tweeked it a bit but basically this is what we are/will be doing for our hs curr:

  • Bible~ read 5 chapters of the bible. We alternate reading one book from the OT and then one from the NT.
  • Devotion~ right now we are using Keys 4 Kids but when our finances allow we will be purchancing Pearable Character Building.
  • Math~ right now we are finishing up our current math curr. Next year we will be using Math on the Level
  • Literature~ we are reading most of our ROL (read out louds) from the internet.
  • Hebrew~ we still are working with our Hebrew Made Easy
  • Copy Work~ right now they are copying 'Goops', however when our McGuffey Readers come in they will be using them.
  • Pennmanship~ we already had a handwriting workbook for this so we will just continue with this. When completed they will no long have a pennmanship lesson.
  • Spelling~ again right now we are using what we have, however, next year we will be investing in All About Spelling.
  • Reading/L.A.~ this is quiet reading time with library books. L.A. will be with our McGuffey Readers.
  • The next list of lessons are once a week ROL with lapbooks to accompany them.
  • Geography~ ROL Home Geography for Primary Grades
  • History~ First steps in First Steps in the History of Our Country
  • Biography~ ROL The Narrative of Sojourner Truth
  • Science~ ROL The Story Book of Science
  • Character Building~ Proverbs 31 A Virtuous Woman
  • Life Skills~ ROL The Care of Keeping You when we finish this we will be starting a cooking lapbook.
  • Special interest~ this is open for the girls to pick out a topic of interst. My oldest dd is reading Mrs. Mack and doing a lapbook on it and my younger dd is reading Peter Cotton Tail also with a lapbook

I know this seems like alot but most of the lessons last about 15-30 minutes each. The day goes pretty fast, and we play games with several subjects for review. I've also ordered a couple of Ruth Beechick books to help me with this more relaxed learning style. I'll right more about it when I recieve the books. I've joined a couple of yahoo groups:

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