Sunday, April 24, 2011

First Fruits ~ He is Risen

HalleluYah It's First Fruits! Lev 23:11 Yahshua was risen on Early First Fruits which lands on the morrow (first day of the week; sunday) after the first Shabbat (saturday) following Passover.
(found these pic here)

The Tomb is Empty!

We celebrate that Yahweh's Messiah Yahshua has risen and we are counting the next
50 days in celebration and anticipation for the latter first fruits. The day that the Holy Spirit
fell upon 120 believers in the upper room. Incidentally the Torah was given to Moshe on
Mt Sinai on the latter First, the Torah written on tablets of stone. After
Yahshua's resurrection, the Torah was written on tablets of our hearts.

This is one of the counting the omer charts we found. We are using the one at Torah Tots.
We are also following the daily scripture readings found here (click on omer chart)
At the end of the week we will give the girls a treat or little gift to signify one week
of seven.
We are still learning what the feast and festival of Yahweh are about, and their significance to his believers today.
Have a wonderful week of counting the omer!

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    Have a blessed week! :)

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