Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Call to Anguish



  1. YahKheena,
    Oh my goodness...this is something I have been trying to verbalize and could not...oh how we need this as a people and a country....Abba break us, fill us...and teach us to walk and serve as people who know anguish! Thank you for this.

  2. Andi, as I listened to this YOU came to my mind, Yah knows I'm telling the truth! While listening to this my thoughts were, "this is Andi's heart... Yah has given her Anguish, His Anguish... " I kid you not!!

  3. Thank you YahKheena, this has been my hearts love what YAH loves and to hate what HE hates, to be filled with HIS heart, and understand what biblical love is! Not worldly love...not worldly build that wall, that foundation in HIM!

  4. Ah yes, this came to me about a year ago at a most appropriate time when my heart cried out daily in deep sorrow for all the ugliness...I too can tell this is going on with you Andi.
    When we pray for our heart to be lined up with His, I think that is when this happens.
    Oh how Merciful and Patient HE IS!

    Yah Kheena, were you aware of David Wilkerson's death? (Not more than a month ago.) He sure spoke as one having a relationship with The Father.