Thursday, July 30, 2009

Final Give-Away

This was posted in April of this year. The next and
final gift has something to do with this post.
If you can guess what the gift is your
name will be added twice to the drawing.
Come on and make a guess :-D
My little Southern Bells These are the dresses I was sewing...
We found some straw hats and put strip of matching fabric around it

The waist band, cuffs, and strip of fabric around the hat all match.


  1. What beautiful dresses! So feminine. You must have all kinds of patience. Liz

  2. A hat!

    That is my guess...

    God bless you today.


  3. Oh Sarah...I'm so glad you posted. I was wanting at least one person to post so I can give the gift away!

    You are the winner!

    I'll have pics of your gift either tonight or tomorrow