Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Congratulation to Sarah
she is the final winner of my
blogoversary give-away
This is what she has won
a square pin cushion
it's very pretty and practical
and a mini sewing-kit that she
can carry in her purse
The pictures above are not the
actual gifts but pics
of the gifts she will receive
I've had a rather busy week
so I've not yet made her gifts, but will
start right away :-D
here is a link to the mini sewing kit
it is a very 'manly' sewing kit, but
Sarah's will be very
Congratulations Sarah!
Hope these gifts will give
you much joy
in your stitch'n

1 comment:

  1. Thank You YahChna!

    We will enjoy the pin cushion and sewing kit very much!

    Thank you for the contest! It is allot of fun!

    God bless you so much and bless the work of your hands..

    In our Savior's love,