Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Printer arrived!

My printer is in and I've already printed the book Swiss Family Robinson, I didn't note the time but it took maybe 7 minutes to print. I cut the pages by hand which took about 45 minutes, so next purchase will be a paper cutter.

I also came across this site that gave a tutorial with pics on how to bind the book with Gorilla Glue, it even gives instructions on how to build your own jig. It looks simple enough.

I'm real excited about this printer! I've saved so many e-books and now I can print them for pennies, yay!

A quick note about the printer, if you buy it brand spanking new it will cost you about $250, however, if you buy one factory refurbished you can cut the cost by $100! When I pulled the printer out of the box it looked brand new...runs beautifully...time will tell if it was a good buy. I've read many reviews on this printer and most of them said to buy refurbished and save money.


  1. Neat, that's a deal. Your family is beautiful! In Christ, Brittany!

  2. Nevermind my other question - I see the answer here! That is the same site I used!