Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ordering Next Years Curriculum

We've been praying and searching for next years curriculum. One of the purchases we've made was a Brothers laser Printer with Duplex. The reason we've purchased this is because I've found out google, Project Gutenberg, Baldwin Children's Literature Project, archives, and numerous more that I haven't found yet, I'm sure, have free down loadable children's literature. And the Brothers Duplex printer can print about 1,500 pages compared to my Lexmark printer that prints about 300 pages on draft setting, for about the same price!

We've also invested in 36 week literary unit study, 'Prepare & Pray'. Thanks to Michelle who stopped by and left a reply, I checked out her page and found this was their curr. I searched it out and found that this unit study covers all the subject across the board, with the exception of Math. We were leaning towards Math on the Level however, when I research it a little further, I found it really wasn't for us. So, again I was in search of a math curr. I came across RightStart Mathematics curr has games, manipulatives, activities, and a workbook, everything my daughters love to do! (whisper: well the work books they would rather do without, but I feel they have a place). My search was over!

I also ordered The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need. Just for reference. Oh yeah, I also ordered a Boy Scout Guide because P&P curr uses it for one of it's main reference books, the other two books that are recommended is the Bible (have it) and Swiss Family Robinson (which I will print off).

That's about it for now, I'll know more when I actually get to page through the curr.

Oh, one more thing my girls were so excited about this new curr that they put their money together a bought a six person dome tent, for those week-end adventures!

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  1. So glad to see you got Prepare and Pray! I pray it is a blessing to you.:-)