Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sourdough Starter

I'm trying my hand at sourdough bread so I'm attempting to grow a starter.
Yesterday was my second day and when I awoke it had doubled in size and
was bubbly, looking very alive! Then I fed it, and it deflated
and looked very dead. I had two batches so I threw away the
one and kept the other, just to see what it would do. And it did
So, this morning I thought I would do a little research before throwing it
out. And I came across a very informative site. The SourDoLaday explained
that after the second or third day the mixture will come alive and
bubble up, hey that's what happened to mine! Then it will
suddenly go flat and appear to be dead, yes, that's exactly
what happened! She continued to share how if you
would WAIT in about 4-5 days the mixture will take on
a new look and become frothy again. I'm glad I waited and searched
before throwing out this last batch.
I didn't take pics of the batches when they were
bubbling, but this is a pic of the 'lone' batch I kept,
after I fed it this morning.

I'll post again about my new 'pet' in about 4-5 days with pics to let you see whether
it took or not...until then let's just keep hoping :-D

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