Monday, June 1, 2009

Answered Prayer!

Last year we prayed to find a Praying Mantis and Father was so good he had a friend spot one on a green bush...we kept her for a couple of months, on her last molt she had her beautiful wings and was ready to mate, so we let her go.
Because the Mantis brought such pleasure to us
we began to pray to Father for another Mantis.
Today my oldest dd came over to swim with her sisters,
as she was lounging she felt something crawling on her
leg and behold it was a praying mantis in a nymph stage (baby).
We caught her and fed her a small grasshopper.
here are some pics of Madaline II.
We won't know if she is female until she molts a few times,
but knowing Father he gave us what we wanted
another female.
Here is Madaline eating the grasshopper

This was the largest Mayfly I've ever seen it was about 2" from head
to ovipositor (the thing that looks like a stinger)

This was a beautiful moth my girls came across today
we know it's a moth because it was resting with
it's wings fold down over it's body.

Lot's of finds today...Father is so wonderful and his
creation is awesome!

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