Thursday, October 15, 2009

Needle Case

This is my new knitting needle case
I thought it would take oh about three
hours to
six hours later...

It has over 30 pockets for
future needles and
a nice zipped pocket to keep my
smaller tools such as markers.
and the final pocket is
for my tool to measure have no idea how
or even why I need it...
But one thing I do know, my needles
will no longer be at the bottom of my
knitting basket or getting tangled
in my yarn balls.


  1. Very neat! I need to make something like that to organize our nature supplies. Okay, one for my knitting needles would be nice to because I am always loosing them. Great job! *Ü*

  2. How very lovely... Six hours - oh but the end result is just perfect.

    Shalom A