Friday, October 16, 2009

Hot Cup of.....

Garlic, lemon, and honey to kill a cold...thanks to Candy Jane @ EarthHeartWho shared her garlic tea that kicks
a winter cold.

yes, garlic! Just crush about
six cloves of garlic, toss
in an empty mug. Add some boiling
water and let it steep
for ten minutes.
Add some honey for sweetness
squeeze some fresh lemon juice enough
for your own taste and enjoy sipping on a tea
that is working for you.
When the mug is empty just plop those
garlic 'jewels' to quote Candy into
your mouth and chew them up, swallow,
and if you like, brush your teeth afterward.
I know you'll smell like garlic
but hay, look at it like this,
would you rather have people
avoid you because you smell like garlic
to have them avoid
you because your sick?
Me, I don't mind smelling like garlic
if it means I'll suffer less or not
at all with a cold!



  1. Sounds like my mom's remedies - though she adds onion too! Thank you!

  2. Just wanted to tell you I'm back in the blog world