Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Here they are, my first pair of knitted socks...well
at least they look like socks. Notice I didn't
take a close up pic of them, lol.
My dd loves them. Now I'm working on a pair of
bed socks for my dm.
I'm hooked on knitting! For some crazy reason, I always
wanted to knit socks, now all I want to do is knit socks?
No, I don't go around looking at all the cute socks in
the stores, no, I only wear white plain socks, but
for some strange reason I want to
knit socks??? And you know what
I love it!!!
So I'm off to finish up my dm socks...think of it


  1. lol! is there NOE end to your talents?! I am brilliantly impressed... am loving the colours...

    now lets talk about a competition so I can WIN a pair :0D

  2. very pretty. I wish I could knit!!