Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I took the winner's cup or the fight is on part 2

Well, after I found out that to gain the greatest benefits from garlic is to consume at least
5-6 cloves daily the cold that was trying to get a hold on me lost the battle! Yay for garlic!
Oh and for those of you who guessed that dh did eat garlic as a self-defense, yep, your
guess was right.
I stopped eating the garlics and started just chopping them up and pouring hot
water over them and letting them steep for a couple of hours. Then would
just chug it down. Funny I couldn't taste the garlic but the after effect, mouth
lips, tongue burning, were there. Never the less I'll do it again to prevent a
cold or flu!


  1. try vics vapour rub on the feet... worked on mum's cold...