Monday, March 8, 2010

Time for Spring Cleaning in more ways than one!

Passover will soon be upon us and we are in the mist of cleaning out the leaven in our home. We have nearly eaten everything up that contains leaven in it and are beginning our cleaning out leaven in our fridge, cabinets, toaster oven, etc.

We are also asking Yahweh to search our hearts...we need all the leaven in our heart out also. This is something we do, not only during this time but daily. However, especially during this season we want to take more time to examine our hearts in the light of Yahweh's word.

This morning as we were reading our daily readings; we are in the book of Exodus chapter 32 and 33, we read how Yisrael made a golden calf and had a festival for Yahweh, yes for Yahweh! We read how they offered sacrifices, ate, and rose to play. With music and dance did they have a celebration for Yahweh...

He was enraged by their sin, what sin? The sin of making an idol and using it in their worship to him...remember we are not learn the way of the heathen, do not worship me the way they worship their elohim!

We read how Moshe interceded for them, intercede so that he asked that his name be blotted out that their sins would not be held against them....

Yahweh's response "Everyone that sins against me, shall their name be blotted out of my book" Wow, that's pretty serious!

As we began to talk about this, we began to feel very convicted about our own personal much so that we all three desired to stop the devotion and go before Yahweh.

My daughter AbbyYah said, "Mama, we don't deserve to have our names in his book, we deserve to have them blotted out....mama, we want mercy and grace...sobs...but we don't want to give it to others who hurt us...more tears...the conviction was good for our souls! We need Messiah, just when we think we've got it, we stumble upon some we need Messiah our Passover to cover the doorpost of our hearts, to ever make incession for us and to deliver us from the sin that so easily besets us.

It's true we don't deserve all he has done for us, it is our prayer as a family that this season of deliverance, of passing from bondage to freedom, will bring about a new heart for us all. That this year will be the year we can say, He brought us out! Each of us have our own 'sins' we need to confront, confess, and repent from...

This is the time for Spring Cleaning...Yahweh give me a clean heart and a right spirit within me...


  1. Oh, by the way. It's almost spring. Your background is making me freezing! lol. Where's the flowers and sun? lol

  2. Great post! AbbyYah's sensitivity to the spirit is awesome. She will be a powerful woman of God one day! Just like her mama!

  3. OOOOOOHhhh i love it!!!! I love your new layout!!!!!! So springy!

  4. Such a good word! We are doing the same around our home.

    Love your new look!