Saturday, May 8, 2010

Disputable Matters

Romans 14:1 says "Accept him whose faith is weak, without passing judgment on disputable matters." Note carefully the phrase, "disputable matters" - it is key to understanding what Paul is really talking about.

Disputable matters are just that - matters that can be argued or debated or disputed. These are things which arise out of man made tradition, borne out of man's opinions and leanings and not God's commandments. That is vital to understand.

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  1. thanks for directing our attention to this great post YahKeena!

  2. YahKheena,
    AH, such a timely subject... always, actually... we are arguers by nature.. but not in Christ... ah, deliverance from sin... such a comfort. My son wants to get on - line at 5, and I have some colors to blend,,, I am working on some heathered blends for Sat. Market. Hannahs also got to get pics for me... But, I am going to return to this article and have decided to follow those who have written... thanks for the encouragement to "search the scriptures" my heart is yearning so.
    Friendship is Bliss when there is Jesus- because He first loved us!