Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wild Violet

I haven't blogged about P & P curr because we put it on hold...
it was just too overwhelming for us. We wanted to do
all the activities and it was too much.
It's spring now and there are wild plants everywhere...so we decided to
go ahead and pick up where we left of last year.
Yesterday the girls searched out Wild Violets on
the Internet. They found so very informative
YouTube videos also.
They then wrote in their journals about what they learned
Here is YahChanna's journal page on the
Wild Violet

This is AbiYah's journal page:

Today we went out harvesting wild violets. We found
them in a shaded cove with trees and bushes all
around. They were growing along side of Poison Ivy
so we were very careful when cutting them.

You can check out the video we made of
AbiYah here, she was very nervous and
her mind just blanked out...poor baby...

And here is YahChanna's video, she was to
demonstrate how to make a Wild Violet Nori Roll.
She did quite well...

both their daddy and I think girls did
a great job!! Please stop by a take a look at
their videos and leave a comment, it
would just thrill them :-D



  1. The girls did a beautiful job on their notebooking! I tried to access the video but is gives me an error message for both girls?? I'll try again later :D

    Way to go girls!

  2. I fixed the the links...don't know what happened but their good to go...I think ;-D

  3. Great Job on the video's :) And yes the notebooking pages are wonderful! Wild violet Nori rolls...hmmmmm. :)

  4. Love the journaling and what beautiful drawings.