Sunday, June 6, 2010

Recording Molts

Our Little one molted last night, June 5th.
I tried to measure her but with the molt
came a burst of excess energy...
she/he wouldn't sit still long
enough for me to even get a
guesstimating...let alone a
decent picture.
LATER: Ok, got the measurement: 1.02 cm
We are keeping record of her molts and size through
this blog then we'll document it
on notebook pages.
Second Molt
June 18, 2010
size: 1.06 cm
Third Molt
June 28, 2010
size:2.0 cm
Fourth Molt
July 9, 2010
size: 2.4 c
Fifth Molt
July 27, 2010
Just a note our larger mantis
molted on
June 3.
Second molt
June 17
Third molt
June 29, 2010
Fourth molt
July 8, 2010
Fifth molt

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