Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our First Ourdoor Hour Challenge # 1

(click on the icon to visit The Outdoor Hour site)

I have come across several families
using the Outdoor Hour as part of
their HS curr. I finally checked it
out, and the girls wanted to do it.

So this is Challenge #1We found it difficult to be
quiet about all the wonderful things
we discovered, perhaps
next time we contain ourselves :-b

We visited a park near by, this park is not new to us,
but it was like the first time for us because we
were observing, listening and taking in
all we could.

The first thing we observed was FROGS!

Frogs, frogs everywhere, it was like we stepped
into the pages of Exodus, everywhere we stepped
little frogs would leap and jump...we were trying to
be so careful not to crush any

then we came across this little guy, he was about 1 cm in size
we thought at first we has a frog that had not lost it tail
but with a closer inspection the head
looked like a grasshoppers, it had what looked like
folded wings, there didn't seem to be any
hopper legs, but only four legs...strange indeed!

We tried to get a pic of his face but he just
kept turning his back to us...

then we came across an empty oyster shell

the girls walking (as quietly as possible)

We came across this huge tree trunk, next time
we go we are taking a large string to measure
things with. Once home we will measure
the cut strings :-)
our next find was a spider hanging out on it's
web (a fisher spider?)

the local ducks gathering around,

oh, poor little thing...we came across this
little fellow, all alone with his head tucked
into his feathers. When we walked closer
he didn't move...his eyes look very weak.

I believe he was sick, very sick.
We said a prayer to Yahweh to help him

This is the last discovery. A beautiful mushroom.

I made up some Nature Journals for the girls

Here is YahChanna's entry...her two favorite
creatures were the spider and grasshopper.

Here is AbbiYah's entry...she loved everything
and wrote about it all!
The two topics of study this next week will be:
Pygmy Grasshopper (YahChanna's choice)
Ducks (AbbiYah's choice)
I'll be making up notebook pages for the info
they gather then put them in their
school notebook


  1. Your daughters journals are so nice. And I adore the picture of the two of them standing together on the path.
    So sweet!

  2. What a great first study using the OHC! We haven't seen any frogs yet so we enjoyed reading about yours and seeing your photos.

    The journals are very well done...thanks for sharing your images so we can see your ideas.

    Thanks for sharing your link and I look forward to your next study.

  3. It looks like you had so much fun! I want to do this with my boys, and have been "thinking" about it for 2 yrs now...guess we should just dive in!

  4. It is soooo green and beautiful there! The frogs are so cute, we miss them. I have seen hardly any since we moved out west.

    Great Journals Ladies!