Wednesday, June 2, 2010

School project...traditions...friends

For the last two years we have kept
baby mantis to observe as
they molt and grow.

It started as a school project....

but now in our third year of keeping a mantis it is
no longer a 'project' but has become a
family tradition.

ahhh...look at that cute!!
This little one ( 0.7 cm) was given to us by
a sweet friend, Ms. Bea.

Two days later we get a knock
on our door and Ms. Bea with her hands fold up,
says, "here take it..."
Another mantis much larger ( 2.03 cm ) but still in
the nymph stage...

We're hoping this one is a female and the smaller
one a male...yes, we could mate them is they
are the same species, which I think they are.
Then we could save their egg sack (oothecae)

until next year, however we're a little reluctant
to mate them because often the female
will eat the male and we don't want that...
it's too sad :-(


  1. these little creatures are slowly growing on me.... :0D yep very cute little face lol

    Shabbat Shalom xx

  2. OH...they are soooooo cute and what an wonderful family project...very COOL!

  3. So cool. How did you ever get started? They would be a great addition to your garden :D

  4. How did we get started? About three years ago we were studying bugs/insects and read how praying mantis can be kept as pets! You can purchase them online but to much $$ when Yahweh has created many out in the wild :-)

    The first year we couldn't find we hit our knees and ask Father to bless us with one, a friend said she was looking down and saw one on her plant! Last year one was walking towards my oldest dd at the pool are, and this year, well you read the story :-)

    btw the largest one molted yesterday...we didn't get to actually see the molting, just noticed her exoskeleton on the floor of the container. So Cool :-)