Sunday, August 1, 2010

TOBY the new school year

This has officially be our second week of school.
I'm going to try and be more diligent about post a TOBY report this year,
at least make a post every two weeks.

This is part of the girls curr. It's based on the Robinson Curr except
I chose different books to read.

The girls have said that they have already learned so much,
and they're enjoying it!!

We've decided to learn the 50 most poisonous plants
this year, one each week.
These plants will kill you, there are many plants
that will make you sick, sick enough to put you
in a hospital, but these plants will put
you in the ground.

We want to learn to identify these so there will be no
accidental consumption of them.

Some of the plants are the most beautiful we seen,

This plant is known as the monkshood or wolf's bane...


We are starting a new reading cycle of the Torah Portion, the girls read
Torah for an hour a day, then write about what they read.

This is their Book of Centuries, another first for them,
along with their writing they also will keep
record of important and exciting events that
has happened in history, starting with the creation week.

The first and second day of creation...

day three and four,

day five and six, AbbiYah isn't finished with coloring
this page and is yet to start drawing the seventh day...

They are also learning a musical instrument and yet another first for
them. They were so excited to actually learn
a song on the first day. Mary had a Little Lamb.

There was much more they learned but these were just
a few of the
highlights of the last two weeks.



  1. Beautiful recorder playing girls!

  2. Love the music the girls played. They looked so happy.

  3. Great Job Girls :D

    YahKenna, I wonder if you would mind posting about the different books you use. I would love to compile a list of "acceptable" books, for those who want to be set apart, and desire to be wise in the books they hand their chilren :D
    I don't know of such a book list. I think it would be much appreciate, at least by me, lol. And it could be a work in progress. What are your thoughts? My Halea loves to read, and Jacob is also beginning a love for reading. So... I need all the help I can get =)

    We are going to be doing more of the book of centuries this year also :D I love the idea of a family book of centuries :D

    AND reading the Torah and then dictation so to speak either written or verbal for the younger ones :D

    Did you make up the worksheets for your deadliest plants? Or is it something I can get my hands on?

    Great post! I look forward to seeing how you and the girls "school" this year. I feel our direction in our adventure changing. And your week looks great :D

    Shalom and much love,

  4. Wonderful Girls and Momma!
    I enjoy reading your posts and the events of your set apart life....great first weeks!

  5. I also would like to know if I can find the deadliest plants book! Precious Jewel and I often take treasure walks to search for edibles and medicinals, but it would be handy to know what to stay far, far away from as well and for what reasons.
    Thank you in advance!

  6. Loni & God's dancing child~

    the actual worksheet page came from the Considering God's Creation book written by Mortimer and Smith. The website is The page is copyright but she allows copies to be made for those who purchase the book. I just made copies reduced the size to fit half a page and then typed up the oppisite page, printed the pages back to back and bound it into a journal for the girls.

    Have a blessed shabbat