Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Pet Store and Chirpping Birds

The Pet Store
by AbbiYah
On a misty, but clear, in the heat of the day,
I saw birds in the skies, and the skies were light gray,
My parents and I were walking in town,
We saw restaurants, and food stores, and lots of fair grounds,
But in the fair grounds something caught my eye,
It was the small little Pet Store that was closely, near by,
We went in the Pet Store, and guess what I saw,
I saw lizards, and birds, and rats, and small frogs,
I saw these small creatures, and I'll tell you their names,
I saw anoles, long tails, and skinks in their cage;
I saw the dove, the finch, the grakle, and the parrot,
I saw the chinchillas, the rabbits, the hamsters, and the farrets,
This all seemed like an animal zoo,
But their were no, lions, no tigers, and no kangaroos,
We stayed there for hours, till the sky darken night,
It was time to go home, we had had, our delight!

Chirpping Birds
by YahChanna
That early spring May morning,
The birds sang and chirpped all morning,
and all day,
it disturbed the owl,
the ox,
then the people in their socks!
(just a little note: the people in their socks refers to
people who sleep in their socks... the bird churp so
early in the morning seems like they disturb everyone...
it was so cute when she was explaining it to

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