Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mama's Mission Oct/Nov

for Oct 2010

Well I did it!  I completed my first mama's mission... guiding my girls through
sewing their own nightgowns and they did very well!!  Both
girls are wearing them as I type.  I'll try to post pics
soon.  I would like them both to do a little sewing
every night not much just 1/2 hour or so.  Their next
project dresses :-)


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for Nov 2010

I've been want to knit some face and dish
cloths but never seem to make the time...
soooo... my mission for November is to make
time to knit at least two face/wash cloths. 
I'd also like to commit on working at least 1/2 hour
on my Missions  each night so I won't
be rushing (like today) to complete it!!

I would like to make this one for my brother... my super brother!!
When he was just a wee fella, he love Superman, my mom
found a Superman outfit for him and she said
when he would put it on nothing could stop him
be it big brother or the bully down the street.  So I thought
it fun to knit him a Super Hero Face Cloth :-D


And this one for my oldest daughter Ashsten...
isn't it cute!  She loves flip-flops :-)


  1. Congrats on the accomplishments...and I l.o.v.e the cloths! I really need to learn to knit!

  2. Great job!!!! I need to learn to knit too!!! Thanks for linking up!