Thursday, November 4, 2010

Obey Your Parents for this is GOOD

Today's lesson in Bright Lights was about developing a relationship with your parents.

We learned that being under authority is not a 'BAD' thing, actually
we find in the word it was considered a 'GOOD' thing...
Romans 13:1-5Let every being be in subjection to the governing authorities.
For there is no authority except from Elohim, and the authorities that exist are appointed by Elohim.

 So he who opposes the authority withstands the institution of Elohim,
and those who withstand shall bring judgment on themselves.

 For those ruling are an object of fear, not to good works, but to evil.
Do you wish to be not afraid of the authority?
Do the good, and you shall have praise from it,

for it is a servant of Elohim to you for good. But if you do evil,
be afraid, for it does not bear the sword in vain. For it is a servant of Elohim,
a revenger to execute wrath on him who practises evil.
 Therefore, it is necessary to be subject, not only because of
wrath but also because of the conscience. 

They learned that being under authority brings
many benefits, protections from harm and evil in both the natural and spiritual.
  • Provision
  • Protection
  • Training
  • Correction

    All these are the responsibility of the parents.
The scripture, "Children obey your parents in Yahweh; for this is right.
Honour your father and mother; which is
the first commandment with promise;
That it may be well with you, and you may live long on the earth."

ends with a promise, that is will go well with you, that
your life will be blessed!!

We listened to a couple of testimonies as well as read a
few.  This is always an encouraging time
to hear and read about struggles, trials,
and test that other girls their age goes through.

There were several suggestions on how to
give their hearts to their parents:
  • Look for ways to Honor them
  • let them know your thankful
  • welcome them in your life, pray together,
    share your dreams, failures, and hopes with them.
  • Ask them for their advice and opinions, listen
    and follow their directions and cautions.
  • Never keep secrets from them (well except for gift giving type)
  • Trust them, don't fear them
  • keep a clear conscience with them
  • obey cheerfully
  • look for ways to serve them
  • be available when they need you
One of the most important points she makes in this lesson
is the difference between submission and obedience:
Submission being the attitude of the heart
Obedience being the action.

If we are obeying with a bad attitudes this is
not good; this grieves our parents and
then brings chaos rather than shalom.

Happy homes are where all the family members have
learned to serve each other cheerfully.
We talked about this quite extensively today.
As we examined our lives we did find that when
we were quick to obey in a cheerful spirit we
felt the rewards of joy, compared to the
the drudgery of disobedience, which brought forth strife, frustrations
and over all sour feelings.

We learned that Yahweh's beauty is not measured by
the outward adorning of ourselves but is the meek and
gentle spirit that is of a great price in the sight of Yah
1 Peter 3:4

The world often calls beauty the ornaments that one wears,
make-up, jewelry, clothes, and the like.  Where as
Yahweh says beauty is obedience with a submissive spirit.

1 Peter 3:5 says it like this:
For in this way, in former times, the set-apart women who trusted in
Elohim also adorned themselves, being subject to their own husbands,

Their adorning was being submissive to their
own husband which was their authority.
And we are to use these women of old as
our examples.

Obedience with submission doesn't come easy. 
It has to be practiced and there is not
no better way to practice than to be
tested in this area.  She admonishes
the girls to gird their minds up and
to begin to prepare themselves for these
test to come.

At the end of the lesson their is a commitment sections for
the girls to commit themselves to obey in a submissive manner
and there is an extra project to go with this.

Oh yeah, we had a lunch/tea time, today. 
Baked potatoes, green salad, ice water and
apple turnovers with a dab of
maple whip cream on them
We left the tea party
physically and spiritually satisfied!

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  1. That is so right I have been having some problems with Halea, then when she reed this post she thought the same way and even tried to help out a lot more than usual, thanks for sharing. :)