Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sukkot 2010

If you read my earlier post you know that I've misplaced my camera
(I refuse to say I LOST it)
Because of this I have postponed blogging
about our Sukkot.
Then yesterday in my e-mail was the Fourniers Family Update
letter and in it Sukkot Pics... yay!! So, I've used some of their pics
to compliment my Sukkot blog post.

Something you need to know is that this was Joseph's
first camping trip, so he knew
nothing of putting up a tent. This is
where the hand of Yah came in using
the brothers that were already there.
They came over without any request on our part
to help put up the tent. Our tent is a nice large
one and they had it up in about 15 minutes or
it could have been less. How grateful Joseph was!
While we were setting up our camp site, Kelly Fournier came
over to introduce herself and welcome us. Such a sweet sister.
Later we were given gifts from our neighbors the Schminkes, two lovey
hand crafted welcome cards, scrumptious pumpkin cookies from
Hailey, and wonderful dehydrator (which I have used several
times and my family thanks Pamela every time they enjoy
their dehydrated goodies!)

That evening at sunset was the first day of Sukkot. We gathered
around the Fourniers campsite for some time
of worship, testimonies, and fellowship.
How sweet it was.
Each day of the week was wonderful, but I
would have to say the highlight for me
was the fellowship, worship and dancing

This Sukkot gathering was an answer to many of
my prayers.  I knew the direction Yah is leading us, but
sometimes one needs to see it  to comprehend it.
So  it was for my family.  I know one day we
will have land and be living off the grid, I know
one day we will be working on our land
for our own food, I knew how we as a
family are to live together.  But to articulate this
to my family was another thing.  My husband
didn't fancy the idea of living off the grid,
my girls never realized how beautiful
dressing modestly was, how lovely
serving others could be, 
how music, dance, and worship can
bind us together in unity.
what a wonderful new and exciting journey
they discovered.

Yahweh had divinely placed us amongst believers who
lived all this and my family saw and
beheld the beauty of it all.

So profound were we effect by this family and families
that my older daughter has had a complete change
in attitude and desire to live for Yahweh
I have renewed hope and an example of
the fruits of surrender will produce.

After returning home both my girls
decided on their own to wear head coverings.
At first I thought it was because the other girls at
the gathering wore them.  As I inquired as to
this sudden desire I found that my girls
have made a commitment to walk
in the ways of Torah. No longer
did they obey Torah because
Momma and Daddy said to,
But they have decided,
to obey because they saw
what true holiness was.
When they were asked by their older sister
(who doesn't live at home) why
they were covering, the answer
was, because we want to show that
we are in submission to daddy and
Yahweh.  My girls no longer say
"...because our parents say we have too..."
but, "because we want to walk
in the ways of Yahweh"
What a joy to my heart to hear that!!
There is dancing in our home, there is singing, and worship,
there is striving to love and serve each other...
we had wonderful examples at Sukkot
that we brought home with us and are
striving to follow...


(Kelly &Brianna Fournier)

The music provoked AbbiYah to pick up her guitar
and here for her story


ahhh...the dancing... my girls are now
singing and dancing through out the day...
you can read YahChanna's post about
dancing here


how awesome to see brothern dance
before Yahweh


Joseph was burried in the name of
Yahshua the Messiah


Family Fun Day... tug-a-war...


The Children (and some adults) of our Sukkot gathering....
how lovely to behold the faith of children...

We left after sunset on the last great day because YahChanna
had picked up a virus that was going around.
She was infected with a bug and we all
were infected with love, new friendships,
and sweet memories...
Thank You, Yahweh for your goodness
toward us, it is in comprehensible

...thank you

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  1. How inspiring! I loved reading about your Sukkot Celebration. Hine(y) ma tov u’manayim
    Shevet akh-im gam ya-chad. "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!" Psalm 133