Friday, November 12, 2010

Clearing Your Conscience

Acts 24:16
 “And in this I exercise myself to have a clear conscience toward Elohim and men always.

This was the Lesson for Bright Lights this week, gaining a clear
conscience before El and men.

They girls learned that there are three main
reason to clear one's conscience:
  1. Because we all must stand before the Creator
  2. To avoid failure
  3. To maintain a good name before men
They also learned there are three types of conscience:
  1.  A dead conscience; one who doesn't seem to
    see that they have done wrong
  2. A guilty conscience; this one knows they've done
    wrong, but make excuses for the wrong
  3. A clear conscience; this one humbley excepts their
    responsibility for the wrong they committed and
    humbly confesses their wrong.
There are wrong and right ways to clear one's conscience let's
start with the right way:
  • Start with listing all the people you can remember offending including El
  • Confess these offenses to Yahweh, agreeing with him that they
    are indeed sins.
  • Resolve to make it right by seeking forgiveness from those you hurt.
  • Set a time period when you want to do this and keep it... the sooner the better
  • Be sincere with a humble spirit, people can see through
    the pretence... if you don't have a sincere heart about this don't
    do it till you do.  Pray and ask Yah to help you in this. 
    Take responsibility for your actions, don't blame them for
    any of it.  It's good to plan your words beforehand.  And
    sometimes they won't forgive be ready for that too. 
    If they choose not to forgive you, you have done what is
    required of you, you have gained your clear conscience.
Here are  the wrong ways:
  • "I was wrong, but you were wrong too..."
  • "If I was wrong, I'm sorry."
  • " It wasn't my fault, but I'm sorry you got hurt." 
  • "Sorry"
  • "Since you get offended to easily, I guess I'll have to ask our forgiveness"
In these example the person is not taking ownership in the
wrong they committed, they are blaming the other person.  To gain
a clear conscience one has to take responsibility for their actions, be truly repentant, which in turn
will manifest it's self through a humble spirit. 

Finishing the lesson up with a few audio testimonies of girls
their own age who discovered that exercising
a clear conscience  helps to resolve conflicts,
renew relationships, give opportunity to
practice humility, strengthens one to
overcome the next temptation to offend,
and when exercising a good conscience one
become a bright light in a dark world.

The girls made their own list and are learning
how to exercise a clear conscience before
Yahweh and other people!

Excellent Lesson, I too learned a lot from it and will
begin to exercise a clear conscience in my life!!


  1. Diamonds! All such valuable information we all need to undersatnd and LIVE by!

  2. Wow Yahkheena - I need check this study out! It sounds wonderful and full of "wisdom"....