Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Knitting 2 on 1... Toe Up!!

I've learned a new method of knitting 2 socks on 1 circular needle.
Yes, now after finishing one sock I no longer have to
motivate myself to complete the second... YAY!!

I love knitting socks, but once finished with the new design
I wanted to move on to the next fun design to knit... thus I often had
one sock finished and the other waiting to be finished.

Since finding Silver's Sock Pattern site one sock syndrome is
a thing of the past for me!!  Oh and not only did I learn how to knit a pair on one 
needle, but I also learned to knit TOE UP which I
thought would be tough but really once I understood what
it was she wanted me to do it was a breeze.

Here is a pic of the two socks I was finishing up... they were
"I Love You" socks for my oldest daughter.

Here is the finished socks... she must not have had them pulled up
right because it looks like one is longer than the other
which it isn't the case, because when you knit the socks at the same time,
 you knit one side of sock 1 you move to sock 2,  so
 there is no way of knitting more rows on
one sock, it looks off but it wasn't.

I made these for her 'Night of Blessings'  that's why they
have hearts on them and are titled "I love you" socks.


  1. Oh I love this!! I don't knit, except on knitting boards (which I just started), but do crochet. You did a fabulous job:)

  2. OH I SO LOVE EM! I just need make myself learn!

  3. Beautiful! What a great pattern. I am keen for anything with hearts :) How are you? I am glad to have found your blog!