Thursday, December 16, 2010

Understanding the Fear of YHWH

Mishle (Proverbs) 23:17  Do not let your heart envy sinners,
But be in the fear of יהוה all day long;

This was the memory verse for this week in
Bright Lights.  We are entering into our fifth
study in Bright Lights and I tell you today
the girls came alive in this study! 
I don't think it's because it was such
and outstanding study (which it was) but
they have spent every morning this
week seeking, praying, fellowship
with their Heavenly Father and His
Son Yahushua the Messiah.
When spending time in his presents the 
word will come alive and then it 
ignites our hearts for the things
of  Truth...Torah!

The lesson covered:
Invisible Obstacles (or 'fear of man')
How would the fear of YHWH change your life?
Evidences to Watch For
What if People Think I'm Strange
How Do You Fulfill Your "Approval Drive"?
What if Others Dont' Understand?
Several Testimonies of girls within their age range
Study to Kings
Who Pleases Elohim?

This week I'm going to focus on one particular part of the
study, Evidences to Watch For.  This was a
chart that compared the whether or not one
is Fearing man or Elohim. This is just a partial listing of what
was in the chart.
Fearing Man
Will be concerned with your own reputation
Will be self-conscious
Will try to wear the latest fads and brand names in order to 'fit in'
Will not be able to stand alone
Will draw attention to yourself by exaggerating, bragging, talking about yourself, etc
Will dress and act differently according to the group of people you're with

Fearing Elohim
Will be concerned about YHWH reputation
Will remember that you are a representative of YHWH
Will dress and look in a way that pleases YHWH even if you look different that others
Will speak for the edification of others
Will be committed to standing with Messiah for the truth
Will do what is right no matter who you are with
Needless to say this comparison brought
on a thought provoking discussion in which
I was surprised at my girls responses.
They are realizing that they need to stand alone if need be
and that everything about their lives is centered 
around YHWH.

As it should be.

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